Forrest Blackburn’s incredible journey is an inspiration to most and a blueprint for many. He is true American dynamo who has left an indelible mark on the realms of entrepreneurship, real estate investment, business coaching, and professional speaking. Forrest’s story is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence.



Forrest Blackburn’s name is synonymous with achievement. He has masterfully developed and scaled companies, securing their coveted spots on the prestigious Fortune 100, 500, and 5000 lists. His remarkable talent for turning visions into thriving businesses is nothing short of extraordinary.

Forrest’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. He’s not just a real estate investor; he’s a marketing virtuoso. He’s the force behind his own marketing company, which he transformed from a modest team of 7 agents into an awe-inspiring empire with 1500 agents and 17 franchisees spread across the nation. This accomplishment alone is a testament to his unwavering dedication and innovative mindset.


Many know Forrest Blackburn from HGTV’s hit show “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.” Forrest is the true Master of the 8-Figure Blueprint, the genius behind the scenes, building companies that align with the HGTV brand, including fan favorites like “Flip Or Flop” and “Flipping 101”. His involvement in over 1000 transactions, resulting in the sale of more than $1 billion in properties and portfolios, has left an indelible mark on the real estate landscape.


Under the mentorship of house flipping giant Tarek El Moussa of HGTV’s Flip Or Flop, Forrest Blackburn is renown for building and scaling the company “Tarek Buys Houses”. Most recently known as the Chief Operating Officer for Green Elephant Development and Chief Executive Officer of Quick Offer Homes, Forrest also holds the esteemed position as Chief Success Officer for Clever Investor, with real estate tycoon Cody Sperber. Forrest’s wisdom, however, extends beyond the confines of any single company, as he sits on the advisory board of numerous industry giants. He’s most recognized as the All Star Trainer of the RE Sales Academy and the dynamic Cartel Boss of InvestorLift, supporting and growing multiple millions of dollars in revenue annually.


As a Sales and Marketing architect, Forrest Blackburn is the driving force behind a hands-on marketing-driven sales model. He lays the foundation for turnkey, highly-cultured real estate investing companies capable of massive scaling, reaching 7 and 8 figure revenue goals.

Forrest’s laser-like focus spans scaling and infrastructure, sales training and scripting, ecosystem and culture development, CRM development, workflow processes, leadership and management coaching, comprehensive brand development, acquisitions and dispositions department buildouts, and expertise in various marketing avenues such as cold outreach, direct response, TV and radio, PPC, and social media.

Forrest Blackburn offers a comprehensive, tailor-made blueprint for every real estate business, empowering them to confidently and efficiently “Nail It & Scale It!” His energy, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a beacon of success in the world of entrepreneurship and real estate.
Forrest Blackburn’s story is proof that with vision, determination, and the right blueprint, anyone can achieve greatness. He inspires and motivates. In Forrest Blackburn’s orbit, success knows no bounds!

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He is the Director of Sales AND Marketing. We never had that before and it's such an important role. Tarek and I said we need to get somebody to build out these channels. Forrest was a great addition to our team. He's high energy. I love his attitude. You say "Hey, let's do this" and he says "DONE." He just get's it done. He jumps right on things which is a really good type of person to have, especially in that position.
Pete De Best
Founder, Tarek Buys Houses
Forrest manages my mentor and coaching programs, among other things that I trust him with. He has the framework and playbook to build and scale a successful business from start to finish and creates gains in every aspect of the people he mentors. Plus he's just a really great dude.
Cody Sperber
The Clever Investor
Forrest is the GOAT. I have had the pleasure of having him on my podcast. He is a frickin' genius and I am lucky to have him as a mentor and friend. He is truly the master of scaling and an amazing top level resource in any space.
Sam Singh
CEO, Mentor, Sub2 Community
Forrest is an amazing Speaker and has a brilliant mind for scaling businesses. I had the pleasure of having Forrest on stage for many masterminds and seminars and am glad to have him as my partner on Systems Of The Future Mastermind
Ricardo Rosales
Coach, Speaker, Mentor
I have been in REI and Real Estate Development for nearly 20 years. Forrest has built my entire business, even the name! I don't make a move without running it by Forrest first. Best decision ever and best Mentor I've had the absolute pleasure to work with.
Randy Badolato
CEO, Quick Offer Homes
As a person that worked directly for Forrest at Green Elephant Development, Forrest is the biggest breath of fresh air for me, the company, and everyone he works with. He is a game changer and changed everything in the best way.
Brooke Salanga
Acquisitions Master

"Scaling your business isn't about having the hardest working company, it's about having the smartest working company."


Forrest deep-dives into how to achieve 7-figure months in a changing market.

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